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Invisalign / Invisible Braces

Aligners are invisible trays worn in a sequential manner by patients who wish to get their teeth straightened but also want to avoid fixed metal or ceramic braces.
They can be easily worn and removed by the patient themselves and are the best option for someone with life on the go or having personal or professional restrictions that prevent them from getting fixed braces on their teeth.
They are comparable to contact lenses which are easily applied and removed by the individual themselves and solve the problem at hand without being visible by others.

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign is a revolutionary technology in Orthodontics which has made straightening of teeth a possibility for adults without the hassle of fixed braces. Invisalign is the forefather of all aligner systems. It is a premium American brand of invisible aligners used by almost 10 million people worldwide.
Aligners are invisible trays worn by adults who have irregularly placed/ forwardly placed/ spaced out teeth and who wish to avoid braces.
The treatment starts by performing a 3D scan which displays an animation video of what the patient looks like before and after the treatment. This animation is accurate enough to be broken down into 1 mm. grids to better improve treatment results. It is customizable exactly according to the doctor’s and the patient’s inputs and can be updated as many times as possible in order to visualize the best suited treatment results by both parties. The tiniest of changes in position and angulation is possible by this software.
After approving the agreed upon treatment plan, the aligners are manufactured and arrive within 3-4 weeks. While delivering the aligners, Dr Tushita places attachments and trains the patient in the insertion and removal of the aligners, along with the dos and donts of eating and brushing.

Flash aligners and 32 watt aligners

Flash and 32 watt aligners are Indian brands of aligners based on the same principal as Invisalign aligners.
It uses a similar 3D scan approach, followed by approving the treatment video and wearing the aligners according to the instructions of the Orthodontist.