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Best Dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon

Best Dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon

What is a wisdom tooth and what causes it’s impaction?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in your mouth. They come in  between the ages of 17 and 25, a time of life commonly known as the “Age of Wisdom”.

Sometimes the eruption of this third molar is prevented because of malposition, interference, or lack of space in the arch. Since the mandibular third molars are the last teeth to erupt in the arch there is a higher prevalence of them being impacted. Impacted third molars can cause a variety of clinical problems, which can include pain, swelling and infections.

If your wisdom teeth are healthy, removal may not be required. Regular dental check-ups allow your dentist to monitor your wisdom teeth and recommend treatments if needed.

If you need some advice on your oral health or status of your wisdom teeth, our team at Dental Centre India is ready to assist you.


Best Dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon | Best Dentist in Gurgaon


  • Pain from third molars.
  • Cavities (caries) on third molars.
  • Food trapping and inability to clean the teeth.
  • Crowding and shifting of teeth.
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) pain.
  • Cyst formation or other pathosis.
  • Chronic gum infections.
  • Cheek or gum biting from the opposing teeth.
  • Damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Chronic bone loss (pocketing)
  • Prophylaxic extraction in high risk patients.


  • Once it has been determined that a wisdom tooth is problematic, extraction by an oral surgeon or qualified general dentist is usually indicated.
  • Local anesthesia is administered to ensure the tooth can be extracted without any major discomfort.
  • A minor surgery is then performed where the tissue and bone around the wisdom tooth are removed so that the tooth can be cleanly extracted from the socket.
  • Stitches are required to close the surgical site and promote healing of the overlying tissue. These stitches may either be dissolvable stitches that come out on their own after three to five days or stitches that need to be removed by the surgeon after a certain period of time.


  • The initial recovery and healing from wisdom tooth extraction usually occurs over about three to five days. It is normal to have slight bleeding from the site considering the surgical procedure performed. This should start to ease after 24hours.
  • After the local anaesthesia wears off, you may feel a little bit of jaw stiffness and difficulty opening the mouth all the way and some pain. Medications are usually prescribed to help with post-operative discomfort.
  • The patient will be asked to eat soft foods for a few days and avoid spicy foods, tobacco and alcoholuse, and excessive exercise for three to four days following surgery.
  • One of the most important things to remember is to avoid smokingafter wisdom teeth removal. Smoking will delay the healing process and increase the chance of postoperative pain and complications.
  • The best remedies for pain following extraction are rest and giving the area time to heal.


                                        Do’s                                                                                                                               Don’ts
1.       Rest: Relax and rest for the next couple of days. You needn’t be completely bedridden.

2.       Use ice pack: Icing minimizes pain and lessen swelling. You can apply ice pack for 15mins every 2 hours, for the first 24 to 48 hours.

3.       Bite on your cotton gauge for atleast 30 minutes. This pressure helps in stopping the bleeding.

4.       Soft diet: Intake of liquid and soft foot or a few days aid in the healing process. You can take soups, yogurts, smoothies, boiled food etc.

5.       Intake of fluids: Drink sufficient amounts of fluids, specially water. Be careful not to use a straw.

6.       Jaw exercises: After 48 hours of surgery, youcan slowly start exercises like opening and closing your mouth slowly helps regaining normal jaw mobility.

7.       Medications: It is very important to take your prescribed medicines on time.

1.       Avoid straws, spitting, sucking and alcohol: This will helps retaining the blot clot formed over the extraction site. Dislodgement of this clot leads to a common side effect called Dry Socket.

2.       Avoid solid foods: Avoid solid food like chips, biscuits etc for atleast a week. Avoid hot and spicy food. You can start having soft, semi solid food atleast after 4/5 hours of the surgery.

3.       Warm saline gargle: After 24 hours you can stop icing and instead start rinsing slowly with warm water, mixed with a spoon of salt. Avoid rinsing too strenuously.

4.       Do not poke the extraction site: Avoid poking the gap created by the extraction with your tongue, finger or toothpick. This will displace the clot and might lead to dry socket.

Finally, if bleeding continues after 24 hours or you feel sick and develop a fever, do visit Best Dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon ​.

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