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"Bindu Natukula"

I am a new patient and just had my first appointment. The doctor and her whole staff were amazing. Friendly, helpful and patient. Everything was explained with ease. Dr. Tushita was a great hygienist too. Amazing overall experience and would definitely recommend.

"Ayush Tiwari"

Excellent! Top professionals! All youth at the front desk friendly and smart! No waiting time. They get right to the problem of the tooth. Modern, gorgeous interior!
Been coming here a while now. My teeth very important to me and Dr. Tushita is best in the business!

"Ritul Choudhary"

I would personally like to thank Dr Tushita for the care and consideration throughout the treatment process for my mother. Nice and warm hospitality. It is a very hygienic place with great staff. We are extremely satisfied with the service and definitely recommend them to everyone who is having dental problems.

"Ritika Kaushik"

Fully satisfied with the results. The doctors out here are really amazing, friendly and polite. Highly recommended!!

"Saarthak Monga"

Great experience with Dr Tushita. Visited for treatment of plaque and it was done quickly and effectively. Strongly recommend this clinic.

"Aditi Garg"

Felt no pain and had a wonderful experience. Once you have a appointment they stay on time and get you out fast. Highly recommend.

"Nuzhat Jahan"

I was a very nervous patient and asked Dr. Tushita a lot of questions before she started. She was very comforting and responsive and answered all my questions to make me feel comfortable. She kept checking on me throughout the procedure to make sure I was okay and called me multiple times afterward to check on how I was doing. Her office staff was also friendly and nice. I would definitely go back to Dr. Tushita for anything and highly recommend her!

"Rajender Prasad"

I want to share this with people who haven’t eaten to their satisfaction for years. The team of Dr Rishi Dhanda and Dr Richa Dhanda brought this sea change in my chewing abilities by giving me a good set of Fixed teeth,which have not only changed my eating.They both are very humble but efficient doctors who do not compromise on quality and follow very strict protocols of sterilization and work ethics.
I highly recommend them for all your routine as well as complicated procedures.

"Suresh Rao"

Visited Dental Centre India for my Wisdom tooth extraction. I was actually scared but Dr Rishi Dhandha explained me the procedure in detail and extracted my teeth so smoothly that I didn’t even come to know. Although it is a new Dental Clinic on Golf Course Road Gurugram the Doctors are highly experienced and friendly. I would say Dr Rishi is the Best Dentist in Gurugram that I have come across. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work guys.


Dr Rishi is very competent as experienced by me through his treatment over years. He explains the issue and available treatment options well. The final outcome of treatment is also very good. He exhibits tremendous patience in his engagement with the patients.

"Manasvini Paul"

This dental clinic is not only a hygienic place but Dr Tushita is the best dentist I’ve come across in Gurgaon. Having braces is tough, but not with her. She explains everything, step by step, does great work and makes sure that the patient is at ease and comfortable.
If you’re scared of dentists, then do visit this clinic and let me assure you, your fear shall go away.

" Nidhi Malhotra"

Dr. Rishi was recommended to me by a family friend around 5 years ago and now he is one of my favourite doctors. Like everyone I was scared to show to a dentist but I had to get one root canal done 5 years ago and the entire procedure was so smooth and painless, thanks to Dr. Rishi that I understood that its not necessary to be scared of dentists :).

"Anuja Premika"

Everyone was fantastic. The dentists and staff were very professional, supportive, and informative during my entire process. 10/10 would recommend setting up your dental journey under the guidance of Dr. Tushita.

"Ravinder Gahlot"

New set up with top class dental treatment on golf course road gurugram.
Highly recommended.