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Cost of Invisalign in Gurgaon & Delhi

Cost of Invisalign in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

By Dr Tushita Singh (BDS,MDS Orthodontics, Certified Invisalign Specialist)

Invisalign is a specialized treatment of wearing clear aligner tray sets in a sequential manner to achieve pre-decided dental corrections. 

This technology has been available in the world since more than a decade and is being popularized in recent years by Dr Tushita Singh at  Dental Centre India, the Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon Sector 43. 

The population of Gurgaon is mostly constituted of adults and teens who are concerned with improving their smiles without the metal braces visible on the teeth. The solution in this case is simple, invisible braces which can correct the alignment of teeth without being visible to another person. 

So, if you are looking  for Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon then Dental Centre India, the best Dental Clinic on Golf Course road, Gurgaon is the place to go.


Invisalign trays are removable unlike fixed braces and can easily be worn and removed by the patient him/herself. The patient seeking this treatment can wear the Invisalign trays throughout the day.

 They need to be removed while eating and can be removed for a few hours during the day for important meetings or sporting activities or for even just a break. 

You are allowed to drink regular water while wearing your Invisalign trays.

The Invisalign trays do not interfere with speech or function of any kind. They are held on to the teeth by very small tooth coloured customized Invisalign attachments that are fixed on to the teeth at the beginning of the treatment.

 The attachments are precisely colour matched to the shade of the teeth. These attachments feel like tiny bumps to the patient. They are not visible to anyone else.

Every smile is unique and so is the budget of treating it. The actual fixed cost and duration of Invisalign treatment in Gurgaon can best be determined by your Certified Invisalign Provider, Dr Tushita Singh by a detailed clinical examination at Dental Center India, Gurgaon.

Invisalign cost in India depends on multiple things, such as :


In essence, the entire treatment includes 3 things, Invisalign scan, Aligners and Retainers.

The cost decided before starting the treatment will include all three and no additional costs shall be borne by the patient.

The Invisalign cost in Gurgaon at Dental Centre India Starts at Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 3,00,000

We at Dental Centre India realize that this is a huge number for anyone. Hence this can be broken down into easy installments which can be pre-decided before the treatment. 

We also have the advantage of using Bajaj Finance for interest-free EMI option.

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Since, Dr Tushita Singh is a seasoned Certified Invisalign provider, regular discounts are offered to her by Invisalign which can also be availed by the patients.

So, call us now and book your free Invisalign Consultation in Gurgaon  with the Best Invisalign Specialist in Gurgaon  and start your journey towards your dream smile today.


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